Change Management

Let’s face it, change is hard! Change management is an important determinant of whether your initiative succeeds or fails. Have you assessed your company’s culture to determine whether or the organization is “ready” for the change? We help you take the pulse of the organization to determine whether the anticipated change will be readily accepted. We advise you on what you need to do for maximum impact.

We have been successful in helping our clients implement Sarbanes Oxley.  Sure, Sarbanes Oxley is mandatory but embedding a strong internal control system into your corporate environment is much preferred than “having to carry the stick”. If you are the C-level executive of the organization, wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that even at the lowest levels of the company, personnel are concerned about executing good internal controls?

We’ve help to create environments where remediation was identified, deficiencies anticipated and resolved long before the external auditors show up. We help your organization to change, not just for change’s sake, but toward the end of a vision in control effectiveness and accountability.

Let us help you and your team succeed today. EFAS might just be the change you need to jump start your project or get your project back on track.