Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an important part of education. It’s true that money makes the world go round. Are you getting the most out of your money? Are you maximizing your 401(k) contributions at work? Do you understand what the opportunity cost is of not contributing to your 401(k)? Do you understand how your employee benefits work on a before or after-tax basis? Should you own your own home or rent your living space?  What are the tax consequences of each?

Do you know how to save for retirement and what investment vehicles are available to help you (e.g. IRAs)? Do you know how much estimated social security you might receive? Are you simply ready to retire – do you have enough!

Do you know how to help your child through college and what savings instruments to use? Do you know what a will does?

EFAS teaches you about these “life” concepts. We can help you to develop a monthly living budget, educate you on more complex money issues and can even partner you up with an investment advisor once you learn about the investment vehicles needed for your life.

EFAS … promoting economic empowerment!  Would you like to become more empowered today?